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  2. Personalization

    Hello, Alexanderfro, Can't tell you that just yet:) This button will soon be available for you, that's for sure.
  3. So im just wondering, what is it that you have in mind for this option, Perks ? Looks ? Custom made character that you can chose outfit and perks ? 
  4. If you go next to the greenhouse, go to the door to cafeteria and try to look for the storage room you can see some shit going on there ... (please don't remove)
  5. Could you add me to the group please? Thanks for making this steam group! steam ID
  6. Thanks for the screenshots. We'll look forward to eliminate the problem.
  7. Thank you very much! I will buy the game soon, let we see
  8. the bottom of the screen is cut.
  9. Its not specifically your border the problem but all border. The border harm to game immersion.  
  10. Hello, MeWhit. Can you please tell us your exact screen resolution setting? It would also come in handy if you could post a screenshot, displaying the borders, right in this thread. Thank you for the feedback.
  11. Hello, Chloe. It seems that your laptop is good enough to run this game without any difficulties. I think you may achieve stable 60FPS, especially after our latest patch. The latter is adding a possibility for player to custom lock FPS. Try it out and then let us know if everything went out alight.
  12. Hi,   Can you add borderless windows ? for multiple screen fullscreen is hell and windows its just ugly. thank you
  13. Hi guys!! How many fps can i get in The Wild Eight with a Lenovo Z50-70 (laptop) ? Here are the specifications:   Intel Core i7-4510U(2 cores, 2-3GHZ), 8 GB RAM,  NVIDIA GeForce 840M 4GB, Windows 10 64-bits Please answer. Thank you!!!  
  14. Game freezes PC

    Thanks for the feedback, Hocka. The problem looks like some kimnd of an optimisation issue. We'll take it into account, while fixing the game. Thanks again.
  15. So I bought this game today in hopes to play it with my friends - so, whilst I waited for him to be ready, I tried to play some singleplayer. The issue is that I was having a read of the survivor's descriptions and perks, when I got to the 3rd or 4th character along the line, my PC froze. Assuming this was just my PC being freaky, as it sometimes does freeze like that (I had to restart it via power button, if that information is vital). I launched the game, continued reading the other character's descriptions etc and again the 3rd or 4th character along the game froze. I noticed a very minute amount of people also have this issue. I'd rather try to get this issue fixed and play it than have to refund it. Specs: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 15.9GB RAM
  16. Donations...

    Awesome cheers man. Ill let you know how the project goes when we reach deadline. 
  17. 7 bugs that should be fixed

    Works fine now. Thanks a lot.
  18. 7 bugs that should be fixed

    Yeah I saw that (she was private for no reason), here she's: The Wild Eight (Bug) Sorry for this mistake.
  19. Mini map

    Thanks for your feedback, EmotionFox. Sounds very reasonable, we add to the suggestions list and send to the developers.
  20. Black screen bug in game

    Thanks for your patience. And for the good words:) 
  21. 7 bugs that should be fixed

    Thanks for the screenshots you've uploaded, helps a lot in describing the problem to the developers. Unfortunately that video you've uploaded is unavailable for unknown reason. And I still can't quite understand the map scrolling point. My guess is that you've described the problem in video but it doesn't work for me:(  
  22. 7 bugs that should be fixed

    I've uploaded some pictures of those bugs and I've also do a quick video right here: The Wild Eight (Bug) P.S: When we are stuck behind the orange iron fence the command /unstuck doesn't work.
  23. Black screen bug in game

    Ok thank's for your answer !  So I have to be patient and wait for the next patches hoping that it will fix my isues, by the way TWE is an amazing game continue to do great job ! Best 
  24. 7 bugs that should be fixed

    Thanks for your feedback, EmotionFox. The points about the French translation and the lvl 6  Tent are both very useful. Can you please describe the points about the map a little more precisely? I'm not sure If I get them right. It also would be great if you could get a screenshot related to the stuck problem: it's exact position, In any case if you get stuck somewhere else in the game try to type /unstuck into chat line. Should help in getting yourself out of tricky situations. P.S. Some of the areas for "Home, Sweet Home" quest aren't available yet. More comes with the full release:)   
  25. Hello Hypertrain Digital I just want to mack a quick suggestion, what about a mini map? When I was trying to discover every black tile on the game I was running with the map open to check if I diden't miss any of them so I think a mini map could be great to give a short view.
  26. Hello Hypertrain Digital, today I've finish the game (what a great game) and explore every square of the map and here's the bugs I've found during playing: Map scrolling: When you try to unscroll with your mouse pointer in the black out area of the map the scrolling and also the scrolling bar bug. Map boundary: When you take a ride at the right border of the map near the water you can go down or up 2 more tiles (I mean this is pretty normal) but when you go up or down you doesn't take any damage because of the wind. French traduction: The "Improved iron pickaxe" is called "Pioche en os améliorée" who mean in english "Improved bone pickaxe". Tent protection: The tent protect the player of the coldness and do a really good job at lvl 6 especially during the blizzard but she also protect from the mega wind at the edge of the map. Camera: The camera is kind of laggy when you spam the left and right and I think you should block the command when she's allready turning. Stucking pos: When you reach the shelter you can stay stuck behind the orange iron fence in the entrance. Home sweet home quest: For this one I've use a global key to unlock the sports hall (does there's any other way by the way?) and my quest stay jammed at the final point "Find a key...".
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