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  2. Bug in bunker

      I have found an error in the bunker, you can access the regeneration chairs through the walls, without having the room key.
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  4. When loading pre 0.5.12 game file all gathered and stored items vanish from chests, boxes, fridges. Is this intentional?
  5. Hi   I dont know is this intentional or not but me and my friends can go past a skill point cap witch mean wee cant unlock the full skill tree, if that's intentional PLEASE revert it back. If we cant unlock the full skill tree there is nothing on the game to engage or work towards. Tank you for your time!  
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  7. Hi and thanks for the feedback. It's great for you to come up with the fresh and interesting ideas, and what's better, that most of them are corresponding with our own thoughts and plans on future game additions. I'm also going to add the suggestion for different ore types into our inner "ideas to discuss" list, so that we might dwell on it some time later. Have a nice game, and feel free to share any other thoughts you come up with either here or on Steam Discussions forum.
  8. -The game could use some sort of end game equipment. (which I'm sure you guys are working on) -Some suggestions I have are being able to tame some of the animals and either use them as hunting aid or just simply grow a bunny ranch or something. You can maybe accomplish this by crafting something that you can throw at wolves at a certain distance (doggo food). Also you have to feed and take care of the animals you tame. This could also be implemented through the use of a, "domestication" skill that you gradually improve. This could be done by improving the animal AI. Almost all of the hostile animal AI (besides boars) automatically start attacking you if you get in range and don't really have any unique sort of characteristics. Also you should make wolves have more of a pack mentality and become weaker if alone. -As of now, the game supports nomadic behavior, and the only source of a base is the Hub. I think a building system similar to Fallout 4 or Ark could really make the game feel more immersive and personalized instead of buildings that you cant approve upon. -Another thing you could add is vehicles, maybe a wolf sled. (cars and motorcycles would be really hard to implement) -Some more ores could really add variety, It gets kind of old only being able to get iron. -The map can be really repetitive sometimes, and maybe adding some new land or caves could keep the game fresh. -This has already been mentioned but my friends with no sense of direction could really use an icon on the map that shows where we are. These are only some suggestions so feel free to reject any ideas. -Tylarr
  9. Hi! New to the game, or just been looking for the appropriate party members to play The Wild Eight in multiplayer? Then check out the official Discord server of the game. Feel free to join, chat, and play together with other people there. For all questions regarding the rules and/or events happening on the server, please, contact the owner. Have a nice game!  
  10. Kickstarter Update

    Hello,  You can always check out for news and updates on our social media pages or Steam. If you'd like to know something specific about the development process, please, feel free to ask it right here.
  11. Hello, Developers -- Your last update on Kickstarter was Feb 3. How about an update over there?
  12. Come join us, just got the game so totally newbie right now! Join our Discord if you wanna team up: me on Steam here:
  13. AU CO-OP

    Interested, just got the game yesterday! Join our Discord if you wanna team up: Add me on Steam here:
  14. Healing & Stun

    Hi, Lucterio and thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely take your suggestions into account when tweaking the overall difficulty and healing rates in particular later in the development.
  15. Trapped by Crates

    Theoretically, that command should work, but it didn't end well for me. I teleported to the north, found out that I'm still stucked inside the tank. I decided to go around those crates using /unstuck n, then /unstuck e back to the open. So I kept typing /unstuck n, and it killed me inside the tank for stucking inside obstacle. Maybe I should teleport south instead.  Fortunately, I'm in easy mode and at the least got my strengthened iron tools back. It could have been worse in normal mode.
  16. Hi, I bought the game recently and been enjoying it a lot (havent advanced too much) but i noticed 2 things i would consider: -The first one being that the healing salves and med-kits have been pretty much out of the game for me since eating cooked meat heals you a lot and too fast, I understand de logic but I think it      should be reduced a lot. -The second thing is the stun rates you can have with throwing rocks are way too high, It makes fighting too easy, I would lower the stun rate and I would extend the time a target can't be stunned  after it was stunned one time. Best Wishes! You are doing great!  
  17. Thanks for the feedback and screenshots. Yes, there's still a lot of places in the game where you can accidenatally stuck. If anything like this will happen to you again, try to type /unstuck in your chat line. 
  18. AU CO-OP

    Hello, Mardorz. You'll have more luck finding the people for your game on Steam discussions or discord channel.   They both come by The Wild Eight. Contact me here via PM if you'll need an invitation to the discord server.
  19. G'day guys, I'm from Australia Melbourne just bought the game and looking for people to play with, Preferably have mics. My steam details are
  20. Accidentally found out that I can climb on these crates, and fell off the crate's edge when thinking there might be some hidden goods.  And I am now trapped inside the tiny space between those crates and the tank. I struggled for 15 minutes in my attempts of escape, and seems starving to death is the only way out.  Adding more obstacles to fill those similar spaces completely could help preventing tragedies like this from happening again.  
  21. Connection lost

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes it's a known problem and we're already working on fixing it. Expect the patch to be delivered soon:)
  22. Hi, We tried to play with my friends, but quitted the game because we couldn't play more than 30 minutes without having one or more players disconnected. That forced us to save and exit, then reload.. several times. At some point we got bored. If it happens once, ok, I can understand, but it happened lots of times, so I guess there is a bug somewhere. We all tried to host the game, but had the same problem. Also, mixing LAN and Internet seemed not to work. Is it a known problem ? Cheers, -
  23. Shortcut key to hide UI for better screenshots.
  24. Personalization

    Hello, Alexanderfro, Can't tell you that just yet:) This button will soon be available for you, that's for sure.
  25. So im just wondering, what is it that you have in mind for this option, Perks ? Looks ? Custom made character that you can chose outfit and perks ? 
  26. If you go next to the greenhouse, go to the door to cafeteria and try to look for the storage room you can see some shit going on there ... (please don't remove)
  27. Could you add me to the group please? Thanks for making this steam group! steam ID
  28. Thanks for the screenshots. We'll look forward to eliminate the problem.
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