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  1. I'm not liking this game....

    Hi FreyaMaluk, Please, keep in mind it's not final version of the game. Upgrade system is still in progress.  Thanks for a feedback. We really care about each opinion. 
  2. We have had an increased amount of nonsense threads and inappropriate content lately.  Generally, I try not to be too strict about it because I like to keep this area pretty much open for you guys to be silly and mess around. However, it has got to the point that I am getting complaints, and it's getting out of control.  At this point, the amount of inappropriate posts and threads create an atmosphere where posters start forgetting that there are rules in place and become surprised when I have to take action on a post or thread.  As a general rule, I try to avoid locking and ESPECIALLY hiding or deleting a post/thread or warning people, whenever possible. But, that becomes increasingly difficult when things get out of control.   So, please have a point to your post. Your thread must be written for the purpose of constructive conversation on topics that are appropriate for all ages, in english, constructive and not exclusive to other forum members. Posts or threads that fail to follow guidelines will be locked.
  3. We always welcome suggestions and feedback, however in this case we do specifically ask that you only start new topics with your suggestions and feedback in this forum if you are currently playing in the alpha.  You are welcome to participate in discussion either way, but please keep an open mind, stay on topic and be constructive.