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  1. Donations...

    Hi Mark! Sure, we have nothing against using our song in your project. Please mention in credits that it's from The Wild Eight OST made by Moire Noire.
  2. Still waiting for my Steam keys

    Something went wrong with our email server last time. Keys have been resend to you! Sorry!
  3. Didn't get my Alpha Key

    Hi. What is your order id?
  4. Hi!  We are going to add Mac and Linux support with updates.
  5. Hi, Ivan is here! No, The Wild Eight won't have Denuvo.
  6. Thanks for the comment. Does it work fone with our latest update we posted today? 
  7. I can't play with my friends

    Thank you for the feedback! Please check our latest update. Does it work fine now?
  8. Stuck behind power line

    Thanks! We will fix this in the next updates. You can try to build a tent near you and go into it.
  9. Crash logs

    Thanks! Please try our latest build. Does it work fine now?
  10. Can't connect to friend

    Thanks for your post. Please try our latest update.
  11. Donations...

    Thanks for such warm words. We are going to release February 8, so all you need is just a wait a little! 
  12. Didn't get my Alpha Key

    Hey Woody,  Please check your email. We send them by hands once a week. 
  13. Didn't get my Alpha Key

    Please check your Direct Messages here
  14. I'm not liking this game....

    Thank you for believing in us! We have lots of things for the next updates which you are definitely going to love. New animation for AI is just a small example