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  1. Blank screen on loading

    This should be fixed now, if the bug persists - let us know!
  2. 3 Bugs

    It was fixed long ago, unless you're playing a really old version.
  3. Item Bug; Durable Torch

    Thanks for noticing that! We will fix this bug!
  4. Isaac bug

    This should be fixed. If the bug persists - let me know.
  5. Connection error

    This is not common, so more information will be good. Though try to go online again today.
  6. It's a really rare glitch that may occur, we're looking into it!
  7. Boat has pink ground

  8. Good suggestion! I'll forward that to the devs!
  9. The campfire should help you find your friends!
  10. The save mechanic is intentional. It was made so people won't "cheat" death. 
  11. Hello, Carbongo!  There will be a lot to discover in the world of The Wild Eight! There is a main storyline and a lot of other small ones that support it and expand on the lore! Exploring the land will lead you to some unexpected discoveries or lead you even beyond the game. Thanks for you question and stay tuned for more!