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  1. In the begining it is really a challenge  . But if you manage to level up stats/take some time learning mechanics/read tips , the game can bring you joy by exploring interesting places with teammates or just playing singleplayer mode . Right now game still has bugs which were the same issue more then half year ago . But at least some developers are responsive to everyone and care enough for community . Started as kickstarter project and from the begining was built up on gamers-creators relationship , developers listened to game community and improved/added certain things .  Even though i don't play it anymore after more then 100 hours , now i'm waiting for new story/missions content . Things are going slow , but still it's better than nothing . As you know , we do have a lot of sh**y early accsess games today , which desn't meet expectations in a long run . I hope this project wont stop and will bring the best they can . If somebody looking for challenging game , this is for you . Right now i rate it even with issues , 5/10 , and it is not even half way finished . Like i said looking forward to full version and big updates . Price is decent , but if you are not in these type of games i suggest you to wait sales/discount . They are quite common almost every month or two . Game was nominated for " Best Early Access Game of 2017 " . Game group ( about 60 people ) , inside you gonna find our Discord Server aswell . Everyone are welcome to join .
  2. throwing rock

    Just practise , and read some tips how to engage  on Steam Community group .
  3. throwing rock

    It's all bout , once you got some "practise" the rock gonnba be ( OP ( overpowered ) ) . Believe me , i've  beaten this game 4-5 times . Just learn how the game mechanics works . Once you hit the animal , wait until he gets out of the screen ( after he stops ) , then just follow and hit again . Simple as that .
  4. StandBy Game

    Got ya
  5. Server Identification

    Hey , you can browse the server you have been playing before . I'm not sure you character will be the same , but give it a try , it's an only way .
  6. Spanish Support

    Hello , send your proposal . Contact Us
  7. Website Error

    Hello , thank you for your help .
  8. I want to help

    Hello , send your proposal . Contact Us
  9. StandBy Game

    Did you fix that ?
  10. Can't play multiplayer

    dont know then..
  11. Can't play multiplayer

    try to validate game files , or reinstall . Maybe you dont have latest updates
  12. Can not pick a seed , tried every angle . I think it was above the garden .  Also - i've found a hack . If you die , you can always respond at the same place before and gonna have everything before died. Just don't press  RESPWAN . ( everybody knows what is meaning of that but i want to be clear  ) You need press theese buttons CTR:+ ALT + DEL > END TASK THE GAME . After you just sart game , load same server . Eventually you will come back to previous spot where just died . It works for everybody , server hoaster or random players who is playing on the server . The thing is that if the player who hosts a server dies , he must inform others who are on the same server to save and quit . But After will be the same as the hoaster joins , everybody else loads a game where they have been minutes ago . If it is not clear write in private i do have a teamviewer , i will show .  
  13. I do have a private group over 50 people who are playing " The Wild Eight " . You can join a group called : The Wild Eight Lithuania (TWELT) people in this group belongs to many countries , from Australia to Sweden , from China to Japan , from America to Russia , and so on . Be nice and you will find teammates . All trolls will be reported on steam . We have stricted rules , behave good or meet a consequences . My steam Cartman 007 .  Today i will start a server name : AWELCOME . No password . I will begin in an hour .
  14. there is only 1 bunker you must activate it on 32/33 day . I dont think that there is other way .