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  1. Bug 'The door' quest

    Thanks for the feedback. We're already working on it and will release the fix soon.
  2. Bug in bunker

    Thanks for the feedback. This bug has been into troubleshooting list for a long time already, but we still couldn't find time to fix it because of more critical bugs constantly appearing on our way. We, however, are well familiar with it and looking forward for fix.
  3. Hi, sorry for the late reply. This wasn't intentional and, as you may have already noticed, we've already fixed this in 0.5.14 version of the game. Your skills can already be upgraded further with no problem.
  4. Hi, sorry for the late reply. This wasn't intentional and we've already fixed that in 0.5.14 version. I'm sure if you're reading it you've already updated your game, but anyway:)
  5. Hi and thanks for the feedback. It's great for you to come up with the fresh and interesting ideas, and what's better, that most of them are corresponding with our own thoughts and plans on future game additions. I'm also going to add the suggestion for different ore types into our inner "ideas to discuss" list, so that we might dwell on it some time later. Have a nice game, and feel free to share any other thoughts you come up with either here or on Steam Discussions forum.
  6. Hi! New to the game, or just been looking for the appropriate party members to play The Wild Eight in multiplayer? Then check out the official Discord server of the game. Feel free to join, chat, and play together with other people there. For all questions regarding the rules and/or events happening on the server, please, contact the owner. Have a nice game!  
  7. Kickstarter Update

    Hello,  You can always check out for news and updates on our social media pages or Steam. If you'd like to know something specific about the development process, please, feel free to ask it right here.
  8. Healing & Stun

    Hi, Lucterio and thanks for the feedback. We'll definitely take your suggestions into account when tweaking the overall difficulty and healing rates in particular later in the development.
  9. Thanks for the feedback and screenshots. Yes, there's still a lot of places in the game where you can accidenatally stuck. If anything like this will happen to you again, try to type /unstuck in your chat line. 
  10. AU CO-OP

    Hello, Mardorz. You'll have more luck finding the people for your game on Steam discussions or discord channel.   They both come by The Wild Eight. Contact me here via PM if you'll need an invitation to the discord server.
  11. Connection lost

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes it's a known problem and we're already working on fixing it. Expect the patch to be delivered soon:)
  12. Personalization

    Hello, Alexanderfro, Can't tell you that just yet:) This button will soon be available for you, that's for sure.
  13. Borderless Window

    Thanks for the screenshots. We'll look forward to eliminate the problem.
  14. Borderless Window

    Hello, MeWhit. Can you please tell us your exact screen resolution setting? It would also come in handy if you could post a screenshot, displaying the borders, right in this thread. Thank you for the feedback.
  15. Hello, Chloe. It seems that your laptop is good enough to run this game without any difficulties. I think you may achieve stable 60FPS, especially after our latest patch. The latter is adding a possibility for player to custom lock FPS. Try it out and then let us know if everything went out alight.