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  1. first set of feedbacks

    Hi. IronManu! The game pace was already slowed down, as you can see here: http://hypetraindigital.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14-update-083-%E2%80%93-09212016/. What about the keybindings, map design and character's animations - it's in the schedule, as many other needed improvements. First of these we'll fix the character's animations.
  2. Hi. sylvain_ch21! We know about this issue, and we have already scheduled finding the solution later on. But for now we recommend you to avoid battling near the trees, rotate the camera with Q and E keys for better aiming.
  3. Hi, Rhoodah! Yes, the world has its limits, but the game starts in the middle of the map, so as you can see there is already enough space to live and explore. Filling the map is one of our main priorities. There is already random placement of many storages and radiostations, also there will be places of interest (we've already added the "Magic Bus" location in our latest patch). And of course the quests are coming, both primary and secondary. Anything plot related you will be able to see in Early Access. What about the modding tool and building a camp - we're really looking forward to implement these features in the future
  4. Can't multi play&bugs when felling

    Added to our buglist, thank you
  5. Got stuck in plane parts

    Hi! It was fixed in the latest patch, sorry for that  Thank you!
  6. No longer need to eat

    This is a really weird issue. Added to our buglist. Thank you!
  7. ~13 hours ago we've uploaded a new patch. The length of the day was increased by 25%, the rest of the cnagelog will be posted on Steam soon.
  8. It's too easy to throw things.

    Hi, plainblackguy. Throwing is one of the basics of our gameplay. But we see what the problem is. We'll keep that in mind when we'll be making our controls remapping system. Thank you!
  9. Couldn't mine and first slot locked

    Hi, plainblackguy. We think that this issue is somehow connected with our recently updated equipment system. Thank you for pointing out!
  10. No longer need to eat

    Hi, plainblackguy. Can you please clarify - is it because the hunger bar has stopped decreasing? Then we'll add it to our buglist. In any way, we need some roadmap to recreate this issue. Thank you!
  11. Hi, Gdubmx. We're working on this issue right now, trying to increase the length of the day and to tune the balance (cold, hunger, etc.) to adjust to this change. If we will be satisfied with these changes we'll include it to our next patch. Thank you!