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  1. Getting a "headquarter" building feels great. What doesn't feel great is that the space to store things in there is very limited. I didn't unlock additional rooms yet and maybe there is more space inside there but every player will, in the beginning, only have a few options to store stuff. I had to put a lot of wooden chests right in front of the door of the building because I could not put them inside of the building. Which feels stupid. As would dropping everything on the ground inside because it won't decay anyway would. So please enable putting wooden boxes on the floor of buildings/caverns. Also players should be able to pick a chest up again, if it's empty. I see no benefit in permitting it - I like to keep my map tidy but there are chests around everywhere.
  2. After logging into the game after the patch, all characters were teleported back to the starting location of the game. WITHOUT THEIR TENTS (when they were not in your inventory before). So if the game decides to send a snowstorm before you make it to your tent or building, it's game over. And if the tent was put out very far from the starting location, getting it back is a big quest that is zero fun.
  3. The same happened to me.  When my firends creates a game and I join, I can't interact with the environment. If he is still in the game and I log into his game then, we got no problems. But if we start together in the lobby it doesn't work.