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  2. I'm playing with my friend and he seems to have problems with saving the game: When he tries to save it keeps saving forever and not actually saving the game. When we try to continue our game he spawns to a different location, looses items from the last gamesession and skillpoint resets. It's really annoying, when you loose important items such as device that can spawn your body to previous states. We can't get that item anymore in our gameplay. This should be fixed, so every item will be saved in host's savefile and if there is a conflict between other player's savefiles, the host's savefile fixes the other players files (adding missing information to players who are joining the hostplayer) *insert salt here*
  3. When hunting some animals, if they run at you, they can launch you into the air, sometimes high enough that you take fall damage, I've had it happen to be once or twice when hunting a wolf and been killed over it, not sure if intentional but does not seem intentional so I thought I would report it
  4. Hi   I dont know is this intentional or not but me and my friends can go past a skill point cap witch mean wee cant unlock the full skill tree, if that's intentional PLEASE revert it back. If we cant unlock the full skill tree there is nothing on the game to engage or work towards. Tank you for your time!  
  5. Hi, We tried to play with my friends, but quitted the game because we couldn't play more than 30 minutes without having one or more players disconnected. That forced us to save and exit, then reload.. several times. At some point we got bored. If it happens once, ok, I can understand, but it happened lots of times, so I guess there is a bug somewhere. We all tried to host the game, but had the same problem. Also, mixing LAN and Internet seemed not to work. Is it a known problem ? Cheers, -
  6. So I bought this game today in hopes to play it with my friends - so, whilst I waited for him to be ready, I tried to play some singleplayer. The issue is that I was having a read of the survivor's descriptions and perks, when I got to the 3rd or 4th character along the line, my PC froze. Assuming this was just my PC being freaky, as it sometimes does freeze like that (I had to restart it via power button, if that information is vital). I launched the game, continued reading the other character's descriptions etc and again the 3rd or 4th character along the game froze. I noticed a very minute amount of people also have this issue. I'd rather try to get this issue fixed and play it than have to refund it. Specs: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 15.9GB RAM
  7. Here i attach a pick where Wolf walking on a wall so he was possible to attack from the other side of building.
  8. Can not pick a seed , tried every angle . I think it was above the garden .  Also - i've found a hack . If you die , you can always respond at the same place before and gonna have everything before died. Just don't press  RESPWAN . ( everybody knows what is meaning of that but i want to be clear  ) You need press theese buttons CTR:+ ALT + DEL > END TASK THE GAME . After you just start game , load same server . Eventually you will come back to previous spot where just died . It works for everybody , server hoaster or random players who is playing on the server . The thing is that if the player who hosts a server dies , he must inform others who are on the same server to save and quit . But After will be the same as the hoaster joins , everybody else loads a game where they have been minutes ago . If it is not clear write in private i do have a teamviewer , i will show .  
  9. Hi i don t speak a good english sorry... First i walk in forest using A key going in north direction and then i climb to the top of a three and then fall down and died :-( Second when i get out Laura's bunker i did n t have any view, all was in ligth blue and i ve been kill without seeing nothing... maybe a bear or an alpha wolf... I seved and quit the game when i was in the bunker... I love this game. I think a room with ready player woud be cool. Or something to see who is up to play. With the langage... my english is not good and sometimes you have to be very understandeble and fast. Thx, see u!!
  10. HELLO HypeTrain !!! Yesterday i played with my friend couple of hours. I found a pretty nasty bug (described below): When the tent is upgraded, it appears the slots to store items. But sometimes it happens that these slots are lost, along with the objects. To fix this bug, i've collect a tent. But after collecting a tent, stored items has disappear. This bug met at least twice during the 2 hours of gameplay. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---- Thanks for reading this message. I hope you fixed this bug.
  11. Level 1-4 tents all have storage space inside of them. When you pack up your tent to move somewhere else all the items inside stay in the tent and reappear when you place it. After upgrading the tent to level 5 this is no longer the case. The tent still has the inventory spots but when the tent is packed up and redeployed all stored items are gone. Not dropped, but gone.