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  1. Can not pick a seed , tried every angle . I think it was above the garden .  Also - i've found a hack . If you die , you can always respond at the same place before and gonna have everything before died. Just don't press  RESPWAN . ( everybody knows what is meaning of that but i want to be clear  ) You need press theese buttons CTR:+ ALT + DEL > END TASK THE GAME . After you just start game , load same server . Eventually you will come back to previous spot where just died . It works for everybody , server hoaster or random players who is playing on the server . The thing is that if the player who hosts a server dies , he must inform others who are on the same server to save and quit . But After will be the same as the hoaster joins , everybody else loads a game where they have been minutes ago . If it is not clear write in private i do have a teamviewer , i will show .  
  2. Hello ,  I have invested much time playing and writing this so i hope you will read everything . I created myself a group for this game , it has over 50 people and i got many feedback from them also from random expierence playing in random servers . I have a big luggage of feedback about this game , so i wanna share , why some people dont wanna play this game anymore  and what some people are hoping in the future . 1. On the black map all satelite's locations should be visible . There is a pattern to find all satalites but still it is tottally annoying as hell . It is very boring to play like that , trying to reveal black spots , should be easier ... )2. On map i would like to see other player's already revealed locations , visited places . Right now i can see only furnaces , campfires etc. on the black spots and while playing on CO-OP not everyone wants to say where are they , or even know how to explain the location . Some indicator of people would be nice . For example if i open a map i can see players names or characters faces at the time where are they . Or the second solution as i mentioned before , let us see others already revealed locations on map .3. An option to play mission alone or with friend , maybe repeat a mission option  . Because not everyone plays as a teammate some players come to multiplayer , play solo in missions , side missions and ruin all the fun to others . This is not an mmo game . And should not be like that . A good example would be an option while starting a mission , in the right corner pops up a window and everybody who wants to do that mission right now can press join , if dont , they can replay it later . Cause now if i had beaten a mission it counts for everybody in any server . I think this is the main reason why not so many people are playing this game at the moment like was from the begining . At same time it is for 8 people to be a team , but at certain point especially if it is random server it goes totally solo . What is the point playing multiplayer , when you can play solo without any worries that somebody will do mission without you . Or take some stuff and log off with everything . Even trusted people can ruin all the fun ... never know on steam what is gonna happen . An options to repeat or at least play one time every side mission for every server player would change a lot . Believe me . Right now many people join a server , see that couple missions already done and they instantly leaving and searching for others serves , and it can take a long time to find server which just started . It ruins all the gameplay experience . 4. More building options . To build some different houses for living with furnace inside and stuff . Building options really lacking right now for a survival game like this . To stay in the tent now is not worth it after you added an option staying at workshop while blizzard is kicking . To build different houses and craft more stuff , that is what this game is really lacking for a survival . It is nice to have bunker , perfect choice , but not what you can upgrade or invest more time and make as you want to be it . Also it is quite far away if you are exploring . That is why a house options would be great .5. While using a bow , would be able to shoot while mooving . ( right now it is too much risk be stunned by animals  , can not move while shooting ) . It is the worst weapon . I know that you added better arrows , still that doesnt change a lot , nobody uses bow . 6. The newest perks like bones and tendence are really bad choice . What about adding istead of them wolf or certain animals hunting sense . Like the fith sense in wild ( i hope you understand what i mean to say ) . Hunting sense perk could be for deers , boars ( easier to locate animals ) . Another perk maybe for wolfs and bears to sense . The newest perks is not what everybody was waiting . In later , even middle game bones , tendence becomes really worthless , cause you hunt su much you have more then enough . Also same about animal fat . Nobody is using animal fat , so just 1 perk for it is really enough .7. Adding a water option to survive would be nice if it is survival game . Gathering it from snow or maybe an option to build a well really would be a perfect add to this survival game .8. Same time to people who are playing on the CO-OP . Right now some has a night , some a day . It depends when everybody are joining or maybe it is a bug i dont know . But it is from the game begining , sometimes some players have a blizzard and some a normal daytime . That ruins CO-OP experience .9. Add a letter N on compass ( North - N ) . Many people doesnt understand where is the north after changing a camera view . Yellow arrow doesnt say much especially then you are a newbie or trying to explain the location and which pattern to choose to meet up . Again CO-OP must add thing .10. Delete all zombie enemies . All survival games have the same..zombies... maybe add something different instead . Some kind mutated animal or alien , mythical creature , demented people  . ( ofcourse i understand that it depends on the game story . But zombies is really the mostly common enemie in all survival games , and borring ... Here is a site , maybe it will help you to choose some enemies from and get a thought about something original  , enemies is really important in these type of games . Ofcourse most important story , anyway we believe what are you doing . 11. Random people join to play for like 2--3 hours , take some stuff from houses etc . seeds , boots , weapons , costumes , internal chrystal , generators  and dissapear with everything forever . No seeds anymore except if they join again . The worst thing there are some bad stuff with chests , people spawn , take what they want and dissapear from server with everything , sometimes even after 5 min of playing . Should be a solution to keep everything that people couldnt take all of it when they are leaving the server . Kicking troll players also doesnt hep for server people , because everything is lost . You need to kill them before you can get your stuff back and you must pray that they dont have etc : seeds and generators other good stuff in their tents... because if they have ... after you kick them - its gone forever . It is not an mmo type game . The more i play in CO-OP  like this , the more i want play solo - singleplayer , because it ruins all the fun . 12. Add an option to add a friend to a steam friends list . Pressing and holding TAB button , we can see all people who are on the server . Many games has an option to press on certain players an sent an instant invitation on steam while holding a TAB button  . This option would really help  your gamers cummunity . Right now it is hard to cooperate and find normal people who are playing this game . If people gonna have more friends on steam friendslist , eventually " The WIld Eight " gamers community will grow up faster and game will be more alive . It is really hard to find 8 normal people and to feel this game a real potential as it should be like developers said : game supposed to be olaying on co-op on hard mode . Good luck ! P.s if somebody has something to add , please write in the comments section