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  1. I'm playing with my friend and he seems to have problems with saving the game: When he tries to save it keeps saving forever and not actually saving the game. When we try to continue our game he spawns to a different location, looses items from the last gamesession and skillpoint resets. It's really annoying, when you loose important items such as device that can spawn your body to previous states. We can't get that item anymore in our gameplay. This should be fixed, so every item will be saved in host's savefile and if there is a conflict between other player's savefiles, the host's savefile fixes the other players files (adding missing information to players who are joining the hostplayer) *insert salt here*
  2. When hunting some animals, if they run at you, they can launch you into the air, sometimes high enough that you take fall damage, I've had it happen to be once or twice when hunting a wolf and been killed over it, not sure if intentional but does not seem intentional so I thought I would report it
  3. Hi! New to the game, or just been looking for the appropriate party members to play The Wild Eight in multiplayer? Then check out the official Discord server of the game. Feel free to join, chat, and play together with other people there. For all questions regarding the rules and/or events happening on the server, please, contact the owner. Have a nice game!  
  4. I'm looking for some players to play the game with, if ur new to the game, lets learn together, if not, thats ok too. Add me now or I'll keep checking this message   Add Me:
  5. Hi, We tried to play with my friends, but quitted the game because we couldn't play more than 30 minutes without having one or more players disconnected. That forced us to save and exit, then reload.. several times. At some point we got bored. If it happens once, ok, I can understand, but it happened lots of times, so I guess there is a bug somewhere. We all tried to host the game, but had the same problem. Also, mixing LAN and Internet seemed not to work. Is it a known problem ? Cheers, -
  6. The hotfix didn't fix multiplayer as far as I know, servers are shown with 0 or -1 latency and are unconnectable. I can't host a game too.  
  7. Playing games with my friend is too hard. It is inconvenient because server is not found. Please allow me to invite my friend to the server in Steam.