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  1. Can not pick a seed , tried every angle . I think it was above the garden .  Also - i've found a hack . If you die , you can always respond at the same place before and gonna have everything before died. Just don't press  RESPWAN . ( everybody knows what is meaning of that but i want to be clear  ) You need press theese buttons CTR:+ ALT + DEL > END TASK THE GAME . After you just start game , load same server . Eventually you will come back to previous spot where just died . It works for everybody , server hoaster or random players who is playing on the server . The thing is that if the player who hosts a server dies , he must inform others who are on the same server to save and quit . But After will be the same as the hoaster joins , everybody else loads a game where they have been minutes ago . If it is not clear write in private i do have a teamviewer , i will show .