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  1. When i want to save and leave the game black screen, after the loading i can push echap and move, punch but i can see nothing. You have already do a patch for it (4 september 0.6.13)but the bug still work for me :c   sorry my english is verry bas  in french:  L'orsque je veut quitter et sauvegarder une boite de dialogue s'affiche a la fin de celle si je peut toujours bouger et frapper mais avec un écrans noir. je ne peut pas sauvegarder ni charger de partie.
  2. When I die and hit the "Restart" button, first my character layes on the ground and the "Die" text with the "Restart" button are still showing. I can't move or do anything. Then when I die a second time after waiting, I respawn like that. I can't do anything. I have to restart a new game every time, it's quiet annoying.