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So uh, hi. 

I've been playing this game for a couple of hours now with a friend, and there's a few things we've noticed.
When I domesticated a wolf, the wolf doesn't attack me but it does attack my friend. Is this intentional? It would be nice if I could go out on a quest with my friend and my pupper without my friend having to constantly run away from said pupper. Also, poor pupper seems to get hungry quite fast, even though it's hard making food for it with no rabbits nearby... It would be quite nice if I could somehow just feed it raw meat, whatever's available (even human meat, if that's all I have).
It would be a nice feature to be able to upgrade/customize spaces, such as your 'base' at Home Sweet Home. (Like being able to place more chests or upgrade the existing storage.)
As some people have already mentioned, it would also be really nice to be able to see other people on the map (at least in the explored areas). 

I uh guess that was about it for now. I hope anyone finds this useful. If I find more things, I'll update/comment/something :3

Love, Nilaues

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