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Early Access REVIEW

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In the begining it is really a challenge  . But if you manage to level up stats/take some time learning mechanics/read tips , the game can bring you joy by exploring interesting places with teammates or just playing singleplayer mode . Right now game still has bugs which were the same issue more then half year ago . But at least some developers are responsive to everyone and care enough for community . Started as kickstarter project and from the begining was built up on gamers-creators relationship , developers listened to game community and improved/added certain things . 

Even though i don't play it anymore after more then 100 hours , now i'm waiting for new story/missions content . Things are going slow , but still it's better than nothing . As you know , we do have a lot of sh**y early accsess games today , which desn't meet expectations in a long run . I hope this project wont stop and will bring the best they can . If somebody looking for challenging game , this is for you . Right now i rate it even with issues , 5/10 , and it is not even half way finished . Like i said looking forward to full version and big updates . Price is decent , but if you are not in these type of games i suggest you to wait sales/discount . They are quite common almost every month or two .

Game was nominated for " Best Early Access Game of 2017 " .

Game group ( about 60 people ) , inside you gonna find our Discord Server aswell . Everyone are welcome to join .

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