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Things I can climb, and things I cannot climb.

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I'm drawn towards trying to clip my character into places I shouldn't be, and I've found a few that I think you should know about!

First, in the abandoned hospital, the smaller boxes here can be hopped up onto as in hospital 1

hospital 1.jpg

By scooting around the table, hospital 2, hospital 2.jpg

you can end up trapping yourself in a space between a table and some crates, circled in hospital 3
hospital 3.jpg
While trapped in there, it is possible to free yourself by throwing wood/ore/anything until it falls beneath your character's feet and pops you up.  (That's why there are tendons and pieces of wood strewn about the area in hospital 2).  


Similarly, in the warehouse with a reactor in it, bunker 1, a character can travel up the triangular supports for the tanks and wind up on top of the boxes, shown with an arrow. 
bunker 1.jpg
The circled area in bunker 2 shows where it is possible to again get stuck, requiring a lot of wood chucking to free oneself. 
bunker 2.jpg
Simple clipping planes can prevent this!  :)


Finally, I wanted to show something I found incredibly frustrating.  In the pictures pit 1 and pit 2, part of the spiral excavation site where the glowing Diamond is found, there are a few polygons making up the edge of the walkway that, once a character steps on, cannot be recovered from.  I tried to outline them in red in pit 2.  Once I stepped on those polygons, my character's movement was restricted to just those polygons--I was unable to return to the area where my now-dead-and-returned character is standing. 
pit 1.jpg
pit 2.jpg
I could build a Shelter or Workshop, and access it just fine--but I couldn't move back onto the path.  The only way to go was down... and you can see my body below, highlighted by the glowing diamond.  :( 

Still working on those 100 and 200 day survival achievements... but it's tricky when I keep getting trapped in places I can't move out of!  :D

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