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I'm playing with my friend and he seems to have problems with saving the game: When he tries to save it keeps saving forever and not actually saving the game.

When we try to continue our game he spawns to a different location, looses items from the last gamesession and skillpoint resets.

It's really annoying, when you loose important items such as device that can spawn your body to previous states. We can't get that item anymore in our gameplay. This should be fixed, so every item will be saved in host's savefile and if there is a conflict between other player's savefiles, the host's savefile fixes the other players files (adding missing information to players who are joining the hostplayer)

*insert salt here*

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Also, we noticed that he has completly lost the completed quest that we have done together in this gamefile that i'm hosting - in his save he has to do everything again.


+ he has to discover the map again, areas that we have already explored

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