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[SUGGESTION] 8 Characters. 2 Woman. 1 Black.

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Hi, I would like to make a suggestion and make a point too. Hope no one minds, but this is my personal opinion. 


EIGHT characters.

Only TWO of them are woman

and only ONE of all the EIGHT are black (and it's one of the girls).

Not a bug, not a problem, but it bothers me.

There's more:

white girl is good with:




Woman are only good to survival in a war zone or in the woods if they take care of the medical part? I'm pretty sure I can chop a tree better than a lot of guys my age. But that's not the point... What I'm trying to say is that I love playing survival games and feel like I'm really there, but how is this possible in a game where the choices are so limited?

I liked the game, it's awesome and it can be greater. But devs, please, think a lil bit more about what makes games more personal. If I'm gonna play it with my friends, we like to make our characters very personal, and when this is not possible.. You go for the one you feel more related and then for the aspects of the game (like status and stuff). 

But I'll never take the girl, if that means she will be worst than the others guys. I know that is not a rule of the game. I know Vivian and Anna are strong, but still.. I believe that the devs can improve their participation. 6 man and only 2 woman and the only black person in the game is one of the girls. Just.. Why?

I know I'm being too sincere and maybe a pain in the a** but I couldn't help but to come here and say that I, as a girl, don't feel like I'm part of the game yet.


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100% agree with above.

I also understand. For a smaller developer it's safer to make the game towards men, because it's the guaranteed market.

But I love to play multiplayer-coop games with friends and family-- many of whom are women. When they can only choose support characters like "healer" (Anna) and "gatherer" (Vivian) I have a hard time convincing them to join me in playing an amazing game like The Wild Eight. Like the poster above, I would prefer if more of the character options were female and if they also had combat and physical bonuses. Because if there are better female character choices I can get my wife and a daughters and female gamer friends to buy it, and I will enjoy the game even more.

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