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Pets, Domestication, Bases, Vehicles, More Ores, More Variety

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-The game could use some sort of end game equipment. (which I'm sure you guys are working on)

-Some suggestions I have are being able to tame some of the animals and either use them as hunting aid or just simply grow a bunny ranch or something. You can maybe accomplish this by crafting something that you can throw at wolves at a certain distance (doggo food). Also you have to feed and take care of the animals you tame. This could also be implemented through the use of a, "domestication" skill that you gradually improve. This could be done by improving the animal AI. Almost all of the hostile animal AI (besides boars) automatically start attacking you if you get in range and don't really have any unique sort of characteristics. Also you should make wolves have more of a pack mentality and become weaker if alone.

-As of now, the game supports nomadic behavior, and the only source of a base is the Hub. I think a building system similar to Fallout 4 or Ark could really make the game feel more immersive and personalized instead of buildings that you cant approve upon.

-Another thing you could add is vehicles, maybe a wolf sled. (cars and motorcycles would be really hard to implement)

-Some more ores could really add variety, It gets kind of old only being able to get iron.

-The map can be really repetitive sometimes, and maybe adding some new land or caves could keep the game fresh.

-This has already been mentioned but my friends with no sense of direction could really use an icon on the map that shows where we are.

These are only some suggestions so feel free to reject any ideas.


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Hi and thanks for the feedback.

It's great for you to come up with the fresh and interesting ideas, and what's better, that most of them are corresponding with our own thoughts and plans on future game additions.

I'm also going to add the suggestion for different ore types into our inner "ideas to discuss" list, so that we might dwell on it some time later.

Have a nice game, and feel free to share any other thoughts you come up with either here or on Steam Discussions forum.

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