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Steam needs more cool games about cops! That’s why we really liked what Mighty Morgan is currently doing with Police Stories, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter last month. And now we’re happy to announce that it’s coming out on Steam, with the help of HypeTrain Digital!

Police Stories is a top-down shooter with a strong emphasis on tactics. You’ll never know for sure where you’ll spot a criminal and how he’ll react after seeing you or your partner Rick. So act fast, don’t create any unnecessary casualties, push the perps to drop the weapon or shoot to kill – sometimes the situation leaves you with no other choice.

You can check out Police Stories’ Steam page for more details. Also feel free to add it to your wishlist!

It’s the second time we’re working with a top-down shooter. A Western-styled game with amazing hand-drawn visuals called “12 is Better Than 6” was the first title we published back in 2015. As of today, more than 120 000 copies are sold – and it’s still growing.

We have some great plans for Police Stories, which we’ll definitely share with you at a later date. The game is set to release near the end of 2017 – and an Alpha version containing 2 playable missions is currently available for download.

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