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The Wild Eight — The Pre-Alpha Demo is Live on GameJolt


Today, we’ve released the Pre-Alpha Demo for The Wild Eight on GameJolt. This is a big step for us, since it’s the first playable code we’ve shared with the community.

The Pre-Alpha Demo was created to demonstrate some basic in-game mechanics. It’s not a final product in any way 🙂

We did not include multiplayer in this build, so your character will wake up alone near the crash site. Survival time! After figuring out the controls, don’t run straight away from the wreckage: Try to find something useful there…

The bonfire is your new best friend. You’ll need it for getting warm and cooking mushrooms and meat. The terrain is full of animals, but hunting them with your bare hands is not that easy; it’s better to craft a heavy stick and some throwing stones.

Is your hero not powerful or fast enough? Upgade his skills in the Shelter menu (Shelter Level 2 required). Now, you’re ready to leave the camp in search of rescue. The world is procedurally-generated, so remember to use a map to avoid getting lost.